Thursday, June 10, 2010

So Much Drama

Allegedly, Larry King's wife attempted suicide by an overdose of pills and it's said he didn't visit her for days (though isn't there a 72-hour lockdown?). Again, people don't get Dish's remedy for all suicidal thoughts (I only had them once, it was just a stomach ache): stay under the covers until you feel better! I hope she recovers and gets the divorce she needs.

More death talk, there's fighting over Gary Coleman's body. When did you ever hear that sentence before? Everyone involved in his life sounds like no good.

So onto more positive thoughts: Two hours of Real Housewives of NYC tonight. Poor TG can't contain his excitement. He's so happy about this, he might put on the earphones to drown out the fabulousness.

Knight and Day comes out soon and I can't wait. Tom Cruise being funny is a good thing.

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