Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bachelor's Jake and Vienna Break Up...

...because she's a whore! Allegedly cheating with a former soap star, which is a downgrade. What did he expect when he booked himself on Dancing with the Stars right after the show? Just when Dish had nothing to write about, this gem happened. Do reality show couples ever stay together? I don't blame Vienna a bit since she probably learned within five seconds that he's a narcissistic crybaby. At the same time, he picked the bad girl, which is never good. What do I care. I only watched the lame finale.

So, as you can see, during a newsless hour, I fantasized about the ideal movie poster and here it is. Do you think Gale and Julia would go for it?

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HersheyKiss said...

I'm so glad heterosexuals have the market on marriage. It's a game, it's a show, it can be done over and over for giggles ... good for them!