Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's DishMama's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to my much-adored Mamala! She shares her birthday with Olympic-gold-medal-winning and doobie-smoking Michael Phelps, though I'm sure they're not actually sharing the birthday together. That would be a little weird (yet somehow AWESOME!).

What is Dish doing other than celebrating HERSELF--because what better way to cherish DM than to appreciate what came from DM (i.e. DISH)? Just kidding. Can you tell I'm giddy over the impending delivery of Valentine's Day, which stars another mother of three: Julia Roberts!!!

This day is full of !!! Cricket-resembling-OMP Larry King is retiring FINALLY and handsome-yet-sketchy-newlywed OMP Piers Morgan might be taking his place. Must watch. Unless it conflicts with something better.

Speaking of better: Happy Birthday, Mommy!


Anonymous said...

Happy many returns to DM!!!

HersheyKiss said...

Much happiness, DM!

DM said...

Thank you, Anonymous and HersheyKiss. Can't wait to read your next postings!