Monday, June 14, 2010

Star Sighting: Kevin Bacon

BREAKING NEWS! This is the ultimate star sighting. This just in from DishBrotherSideKick:

"I went running with Kevin Bacon today! Well, actually we were both running around the reservoir in opposite directions. We crossed each other three times (I did 2 laps). The first two times I wasn't sure but the third time I watched him very closely and yes, it was him (or his twin). He was wearing black sun glasses and a cap, shorts and a t-shirt, all black. He seemed very fit, but kinda of skinny legs."

To flesh out this article, I asked how hot Kevin Bacon was on the Hot-o-meter:

"He was hot, but not super hot. It was mostly the air of sport jock that he had all around him that made him hot. Otherwise not so much. Like I said, very thin legs (although muscular, you can tell it's genetic his chicken legs). Was a little scruffy in the chin, perhaps he's growing a goattee. Very fit and nice pace."

Thanks, DBSK! Dish is going to start running outside, if only to see star chicken legs (pig nostrils)!


Anonymous said...

Was KB a little foot loose in his stride?

DBSK said...

went running again today but no luck, no Kevin : (

In other news, heard from a friend that Julia Stiles was having drinks in a bar in Jersey City. But DBSK can't confirm it.