Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday to John Taylor of Duran Duran!

March 14, 1983

Dear Diary,

I feel so immature because I’m just so infatuated with John Taylor. He’s the bass guitarist for Duran Duran. He looks about 17 and he’s sooo cute. I think his looks are so perfect. I love his looks so much. He’s just so perfect. This is bigger than my big crush on Donny Osmond. D___ saw them on Saturday Night Live and she thinks Simon Le Bon is cute! I hope everyone likes him instead of John. I feel so bad I’ve gone head over heels now because I’ll be hurt. That’s not really fair.

Love, Me

Happy 50th Birthday to John Taylor!!! He’s like soooo old now (but still perfect).

Remember when he sang the song for 9 1/2 Weeks? Hee hee. Good song, but JT sounds like he's a little drunkipoo. Also, John is excellent as the aging rock star in the little-known movie Sugartown.


Natasha said...

Dish, honestly--embarrassed about loving JT. You should only be embarrassed about confessing to your love for Donny Osmond!

Anonymous said...

Or embarrassed about loving two men (boys) at one time! What does TG not know?

Dish Upon a Star said...

Lucky for me, TG knows all of Dish's embarrassments, which is a testament to his saintliness.

Nici said...

Ahh...buttroom diary entries...I feel so nostalgic...