Saturday, June 12, 2010

Is It True?

I saw a tabloid that speculates Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston see each other behind Angelina's back. It smells like BS but wouldn't that be interesting? I realize I should be reading Flaubert and fighting for causes but I need a break. Weekends never reap good smut so I'll wait until Monday.

TG leaves tomorrow for the Middle East. We decided to have a cozy night, watching the remake of Nuremberg starring Alec Baldwin. We were instantly bored. Instead, we watched The Insider. TG remarked that Russell Crowe is excellent at looking worried. I really don't think he's done anything good since The Insider. If you watch him carefully in every movie following that one, he's a bit of a hack. Even in The Insider, he does some tricks but I believe him. Great Al Pacino. I enjoy his yelling.


Anonymous said...

Pacino is a good yeller.

Anonymous said...

We fathought Russell Crowe was a Dish fave (from very early blogs).

Dish Upon a Star said...

Love Pacino's lack of voice control.

Did love Russell for a while but lately his performances seem the same. Sort of liked him in State of Play. I've soured on him since he threw the phone.