Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ann Curry Leaving Today?

According to TMZ, Ann Curry is almost out the door of Today. Dish always thought her not the ideal choice to cohost, especially with douchey Matt. Ann's soothing voice works so much better delivering news. Who could sit next to Matt? He needs someone next to him whom he's not likely to boink or want to boink. Someone for whom he'll have respect since he seems like a tool. I do love his Tom Cruise and Madonna interviews! He finesses La Madge like a fine instrument.

Just desserts: Bristol Palin's show bombed. I'm not sure why Lifetime found her story interesting for TV. I mean very little disrespect because TG and I learned today that we're not interesting either!!! We went to "audition" for a show and we put the casting people to sleep. Maybe for a Metamucil commercial, we could have sh*t colorful, perky rainbows. Alas, we're not a "fun couple." Wiping away our bitter tears, we console ourselves with the thought that we might be too educated to appear on TV. Damn you, fine education!

Carrie Underwood enraged some of her fan base by coming out for gay marriage. Nicely done, girl. Stick up for what you believe!

Kristin Davis and Aaron Sorkin a couple. I LOVE IT! I've been waiting for her to partner up forever. Charlotte pretty. Aaron crazy and smart. Maybe they need to be on TV. Oh wait...

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