Friday, June 22, 2012

Can't You Feel the Love in this Picture?

My fairy godmother had a special Julia movie delivered to me for the weekend. In 1994, I was chasing cyclists, using email for the first time, signing up for a master's program and hearing all about how Julia and Nick Nolte hated working with each other on I Love Trouble. In this flick, he looks semi-normal, but you kinda don't want to see them kiss. Poor Julia. I can't wait to watch this mess!!!

The condition of Dish: Still aching over missing the mini-DD concert. Do you think Simon has stopped crying and forgiven me for staying in the a/c and watching The Shield with TG?

Speaking of Simons, today I pondered Simon Cowell and the rumor he's had plastic surgery. The man must have engaged in Botox, but perhaps having heaps of $$ necessitates severe procedures. I see my sags and don't blame him one bit. But is it lonely at the top, Simon? Two failed engagements to women. So much pressure to reinvigorate his brand. I keep wanting him and Seacrest to give in to the sexual tension simmering between them. The hottub is just right.

Recently divorced James Marsden, whom I always thought was gay talented, knocked up a brazilian model, i.e. the kryptonite for most actors, musicians and sports figures. Children, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

The Curry firing furor still keeps everyone guessing. She's pretty classy to keep on going. Will remember her cool as I'm in the enemy's sights.

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