Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Gay Pride

Since my self-esteem hinges on how many Likes I get for my George Takei share, I will try to tear myself away and focus on the stars. Oh right, and Gay Pride. I should have hauled my butt to a pier to party with the girls from The Real L Word, but my butt urges me to stay on the couch. It's saying, "Please, Dish, no effort today. We have a little vertigo." Happy Gay Pride, Everyone! It's a glorious event, which should occur daily.

Today, I'm pondering the Kris Humphries downward spiral and instead of fighting, I think he should walk away and sign the divorce papers. Stop speaking to anyone and just play basketball. Marrying Kim K is like being an alkie. After extricating yourself, follow the steps, know that you're powerless to Kris Jenner and that while under the K umbrella you are not yourself. It's time to cut the cord.

I rewatched I Love Trouble, seeing the crabby side of Julia. It's obvious she loathed filming with Nick Nolte. I'm just that attuned to all Julia emotions. Just to give you an idea of the movie's stellar script, Nolte says this at one point to my imaginary BFF: "Where'd you come from? Bitchville?" After my viewing, I did a Google search "Julia Roberts, temper tantrum, mean in real life" and follow the links. I then chastised myself for my negative activities.

Following this, I lit bugs on fire.

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