Friday, June 15, 2012

Rock of Ages--Hot Off the Presses!

I feel what the critics are saying about Rock of Ages. Here are my bulletpoints, combining pros and cons:

Disclaimer: I haven't seen the show and I'm sure it's better.

It could have been 15 minutes shorter. There were pacing issues, especially at the beginning.

Julianna Hough was miscast. She was better in Burlesque (don't rent that) where she played a funner, more interesting secondary character. Here, she blanded out, though I'm sure this is what the role calls for, a juxtaposition to the screen-stealers. The guy, sort of the same deal, but he had great moments performing.

If there's one reason to see the movie, it's Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is AMAZING in "Hit Me with Your Best Shot." She should always perform in musicals--film or stage. I don't care if she has bipolar disorder. She is brilliant. Bryan Cranston is his usual awesomeness and he will rock my world starting July 15th with the return of Breaking Bad.

I kind of like Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin together. Wonder what would have happened to cast actual gay men in the role, though that's probably offensive. You could sort of see the over-gaying-up. Still, they were fun.

Tom obviously studied and summoned the spirit of Axl Rose. He WAS Axl, especially around the ass, back and belly. It was frightening (so were his back wrinkles). Every time I feel Tom lacks talent, I watch him on screen and realize, Okay, he is a moviestar and my eyes are glued to the screen. I can't help loving him and there's a reason he's on film. Watching him made me want to ditch my too-big clothes and go skin-tight. SORRY, VIEWING PUBLIC. I might have to wear a snug dress to the mini-Duran Duran show I'm about to see. Tom makes middle age glamorous. So must we all be.

The music is full of nice mash-ups.

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