Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Gossip Is Tainted by Bar Brawls!

Chris Brown and Drake: They're sliming up my TMZ and my Radaronline. Please, let them go out on a battlefield with their rulers, measure their guns and fight for Rihanna all by themselves. Bar brawling is for losers. When the gift of song is lacking, maybe it's the only thing keeping them in the news.

Just finished the Dallas pilot. 25 years later, JR remains deliciously evil, Bobby the giant, loveable weenie he always was. Botox and facelifts make time just disappear (note to self). As much as I like Brenda Strong, I'm missing my Victoria Principal. Maybe she'll pull a jack-in-the-box at pivotal moment, then sell us some hand cream. Sue Ellen is as vapid and breathy as ever as the soon-to-be governor of Texas. Jordana Brewster: Have always loved her--she needs to gain about 10 pounds in muscle and heft. She is gaunt and ghostlike. At first, I found John Ross and Christmas (a typo, but it's staying) bland but these two lads might work as leads. Let's hope they have an oil-wrestling moment out in the fields, followed by French kissing that lasts for days. Yay, Texas!!!

Dish has been inundated with sturm und drang all week. Summer is my busy season. For a while, it felt as if the lights went out upstairs. The magic of TG and the surprise chance to see Duran Duran, well, those things help a girl through. So does cursing.

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HersheyKiss said...

I'm all for the oil wrestling! If only that Desperate Housewives boy would allow his eyebrows to grow into something that resembles real eyebrows. He's far too pretty to look silly.