Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Did You Get Chills Seeing the Trailer for "Dallas"?

I sure did! I cannot wait to get my fill of the dastardly JR and angelic Bobby. Those fierce Texans knocked my socks off when I was 10, they'll do it again when I' younger than all the members of Duran Duran! This show lassoed my heart and I dreamt of becoming a drunken housewife like the breathy Sue Ellen. Finally, let there be geezer sex...with a Stetson!

I'm catching up on my stories:

The Bachelorette: I don't know how Emily is going to pick from all the guys. I really don't. My money is still on Arie but Jef is kinda cool despite his zygote-ish looks. Still seems mid-pube.

Just saw finale: Screw you, Mad Men!

The Tonys: Have loved Judith Light since One Life to Live. She can do no wrong and she scares me. Matthew Broderick--what was he DOING? Why does everyone sound British? NPH awesome as always. It's true, the real talents are in the theater. Sorry, Dishbrothersidekick, no way are you right about Hugh.

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