Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Justin Bieber's Fans Saved Tuesday!

These Bieber-lovin' tweens have stamina. All day long they camped outside Dish's window* and screamed. At first, I thought, how cute. Then, how irritating. Then, how awesome! These fans are devoted and strong. I may not be into Justin, but I'll put stock in his powerhouse fans. They would shield you from ANYTHING, especially your getting into J&R. As I stepped onto one subway platform, I witnessed a fan mid-swoon. "Just breathe, honey," the mama said. I totally understand, honey.

Today's gossip was a downer. Fresh from getting his marriage license, Alec Baldwin got into it with a Daily News photog, who filed with the police. AB seems like such a violent a-hole but this means Andrea Peyser will write another venomous column in tomorrow's Post and Twitter feud will ensue, so yeah! My stomach churned further over the Mike Tyson/Spike Lee on Today, blah. A one-man show on Broadway, really? Bobby Brown got married and Roger Clemens found not guilty. I have a hard time believing in the latter's innocence, but god, it was fun watching him pitch way back when.

If things couldn't get worse: Johnny and Vanessa have split. Final nail on coffin. The Mayans are right.

*People across the way must have thought it sad to see a 44 y.o. woman staring out the window at Biebermania while knitting a pink hat. I'm completely insane.

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