Sunday, June 03, 2012

Death and Marriage: June Is Busting Out All Over

I keep forgetting that June is wedding month, which was why I married in January. I can't compete with all those lovely young brides and Dish sweats in the summer. You know who was probably a gorgeous bride? Drew Barrymore. She got hitched yesterday to Will Something and she's knocked up. Cameron Diaz was in attendance. I need wedding photos now.

My personal favorite couple from Bachelor Pad 2, Holly Durst and Blake Julian also married. I watched this show with great relish and adored the effortlessly fun-loving Holly. Though cast in a dark light at first, Blake let down his spiky, slightly receding hair and fell in love with her.

The more literary my leanings, the crappier my TV. I read Anthony Burgess's New Yorker article then went straight to Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I accept the presence of evil just as I feel for Kim's voluminous ass running for cover when Bruce Jenner puts a wee spider on her.

Nothing will save me from this weekend's heartbreak, the loss of two legends: Kathryn Joosten, of Desperate Housewives and The West Wing, passed away. She proves you can become famous and beloved later in life. And--this one really hurts since he was a large part of my childhood--Richard Dawson of Hogan's Heroes and The Family Feud also died. He would never get away with all that kissing of female contestants today.

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