Thursday, June 07, 2012

Losing 10 Pounds Has Made Me Crazy (er)!

I stepped on the scale this morning and realized I'd lost 10 pounds since April -- when I upped my running regime to 20 miles per week. For some reason, my appetite has left the building, and while I'm ready for TV again, I feel like crap. Dish is not meant to be this thin. Will force myself to chow down. The body wants what it wants. My Pussycat Doll performance will have to wait.

Even though he dissed our segment, I can't help falling in love with Anderson Cooper as he shreds Amanda Bynes over her Tweet to the Prez. A Dish-source once dealt with her and said she was super-mean. Too bad because What a Girl Wants is one of my favorite movies. Love Kelly Preston too...

The big drama is the alleged confrontation between former lovers Taylor Swift and John Mayer. Years ago, she wrote a song dissing him. He was probably a douchey BF (and not even a BF) and, as Simon Le Bon sings in Arcadia's Meet El Presidente "Hell hath no fury like a young girl's ego...". Years later Mayer said her song was mean and bs. A day later they are at the same restaurant and it was like oh my god and in your face. Yeah, I don't believe a word.

Dish has written many vengeance pieces but only one will see the light of day. Maybe.

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