Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two Star Sightings in Five Minutes: Sally Field and Nicholas Feitel!!!

Fresh from the gym, I went to my supermarket, heading toward the produce section. Dish is trying to turn over a new leaf. After procuring two Fuji apples, I passed the nut section where an adorable Sally Field was exploring the shelves of almonds, quinoa and M&Ms. She looked back at me as if I'd sprouted horns. Naughty Sally! My shirt was a mite see-through. Or maybe it was the rash delivery boy plowing by us in rough buffalo fashion. As I passed by Sally's cart, I tried to memorize her products. All that stuck was: Smuckers!!!

I left the supermarket and walked up toward 15th and 7th. Within seconds I passed Nicholas Feitel (Bethenny's food blogger), checking his phone while dragging a suitcase. He was lost in a land of words, oblivious to the fellow Gingie that is Dish. AND I'M A FAN!

A good day.


Carpoolcandy said...

Exciting! Dont' fret. Sally liked you. She really liked you!

Dish said...

She does!!! AND WILL! (I know where she lives)