Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Too Old for General Admission

Just found out that the concert venue for my beloved heroes of now&yore is *%(^*ing General Admission. Dish had planned on arriving early and wearing a nice dress and heels. Now, I'm lucky if I slink out in my pajamas and lipstick*. I'm wary of GA since the Bercy incident of 1989**. Though, in 2008, by lingering in the back of another GA concert, I ran into the great Yasmin. Dish will show up in line at 7:45. I'll Tweet everything that happens.

And rest assured, I am still an obsessed fan.

*That might be cool, my M&M boxers might be a hit.
**Embarrassment of standing in line with 12 y.o. French girls and screaming just as loud. I sustained ear damage.

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