Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Movie and Writing Legend Nora Ephron Dies

What is happening? I remember watching Heartburn and thinking, What depressing sh*t is this? Then I grew to love the movie and appreciated how it delved into women's lives. Everyone has seen When Harry Met Sally... and wondered if it could happen in real life -- your best guy buddy is the love of your life*. Sleepless in Seattle made me realize that you should never marry a man with sinus issues, because Bill Pullman so obviously wasn't right for Meg Ryan. Nora wrote Silkwood (no hotter screen lesbian than Cher, oh wait, forgetting Katherine Moennig), visualized Julie & Julia and so many others (we'll forget Hanging Up because it consisted of Meg and Diane screaming). Nora Ephron is one of those women who changed us and showed women as witty and intelligent. I don't know what else to say. She should have had another twenty years of rocking our worlds.

In less interesting news, Charlie Sheen might have decimated another hotel room but no details have come to light. Really. It's shameful all that talent going down the toilet.

TG and I are so intrigued by Hollywood news that we've decided to storm California in late July. We are going on The Shield Re-enactment Tour. Seriously, though, we'll take meetings, hang out in The Hills, be on The Hills, get Botox and do initial consultations for filler. TG and I are already spray tanning -- or at least I am. TG always is bronzed naturally, which is so unfair.

RIP, Nora Ephron.

*He usually just wants you to be his shrink and has sex with your roommate instead.


Anonymous said...

Nora Ephron, the best. Very much like Dish. Fortunately we still have Dish.

Dish said...

Thanks, Anonymous!