Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Miley Cyrus Getting Hitched!

Well, congratulations to the happy couple! I can't imagine getting married so young, but HEY, why not? The wedding will be beautiful (let's hope trashy too) and it's another way for Miley to reinvent herself. But...I always like my girls to keep working. It keeps you from the Bad Ds (depression, Dewars, drugs, disgusting dudes).

In far more important news: Ray Bradbury died. I take for granted all the great novelists are deceased so apologies if I'm not grief-stricken. I mourned Ray long ago, like in the 80s when I read Farenheit 451. That is what he wrote, right? Kill me.

In my solitary viewing of The Bachelorette, I noticed that all the guys were sweaty. Shiny noses and foreheads were rocking the glare and ruining the fantasy for Dish. By contrast, Emily always is a glamazon. My money is still on Arie. An outbreak of stomach flu would up the drama...

Remember how months ago when Dish considered attending the Queer As Folk reunion in Germany last month? Well, guess who was missing? I predicted this, though I would have parked myself by Sharon Gless anyway and beg her call me Sunshine. The Kinney absence seems douchey. Hard for Dish to keep the fan flame alive. Okay, one last try. Michael Fassbender would be an even better Kinney than you-know-who.

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