Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obama Care Stays, Ann Curry Goes

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Wasn't that Leo Tolstoy? JK. Maybe. So, Dish was watching Fox News (just for Judge Alex) when they broke through with the URGENT and DIRE decision to keep Obama-care. There was a lot of sighing and head-shaking. I still feel Obama should have gone further with this policy but I'll take this victory! (Vote Hillary)

Earlier this morning came another history-making event: Ann Curry announcing that she's leaving Today. This is probably one of the most awkward TV moments that I've ever witnessed--especially Matt's suggestion that she might jump out of a plane soon: .

Matt Lauer is a douche*. I haven't watched this show since Katie Couric left, but I hope that this botched departure hurts Today's ratings. And I hope Ann Curry's popularity grows exponentially! (Thanks, TMZ!)

I predict continued low ratings. Meredith Viera was a hard act to follow.

*So are the "high priority" emails flooding my inbox. Nothing is that urgent. Really. It's making Dish cranky.


Anonymous said...

Today is losing ratings because it carries vacuous stories. It is an insult to anyone's intelligence.

Dish said...

Totally agree. Who needs FOUR hours? It's diluting the franchise. That sounded important, didn't it?

dishbrother said...

Wow, that really was awkward. I predict low ratings, as well. Ech.

Dish said...

Dishbrother, remember those days, like 15 years ago, when Matt Lauer was a joy to behold? He's grown into a sleaze. Sort of like his predecessor. I hope I don't get hate mail.

J.J. said...

Ann Curry Is More Vacuous Then Any Of The Hideous Stories!! The Problem With Her And/Or Matt Is That You Waste Your Time Watching That Completely Awful Show!

Dish said...

Mr. Sunshine.