Friday, June 29, 2012

Katie Holmes is Brilliant!

My late 20s sucked and I imagine they did for Katie as well (because I just know). Her engagement to Chris Klein ended and her career was in flux--though brazilliant in Pieces of April and The Gift. Why NOT marry Tom Cruise? She only had to stay with him for a set amount of time--allegedly. Now she has a gorgeous daughter and her whole fabulous 30s to look forward to. Tom would never let her starve on the street. If she keeps her mouth shut about what their marriage was really all about (don't say "true love"), he might even help her along the way.

I wonder if she'll stick with Scientology or go back to Catholicism, as did Nicole.

Divorce is terrible, but I'm just filled with hope over Katie's future. The only thing that offends me is the assumption that Tom will go to John Travolta, as if saying that a gay Scientologist should only date another gay Scientologist*.

*If you believe the rumors, which I don't necessarily do, do I?

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