Saturday, September 11, 2010


I probably shouldn't say this, but in addition to mourning the catastrophic events of 9/11, I also remembered that John Ritter died on 9/11/03 and what a sad loss. Loved him especially in Sling Blade. I will trip over the couch and fall on my face in his honor.

Today, Federer's loss sent me headlong into an emergency dose of seltzer and peanut butter crackers. A US Open Federer-Nadal match is out of the question and I never warmed up to Djokovich. Nadal all the way tomorrow!

A tragic occurrence: Kevin Jonas snores so loudly his new wife is sleeping in the guest room. As someone who has lived with others with sleep apnea, just wear the goddamn Darth Vader breathing mask, Kevin. It's not sexy but it's better than choking on your own flesh. More sadness in that Bristol Palin is supposedly missing some of her rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars. Ready for some embarrassing wooden dancing?

Tomorrow is tennis and the VMAs. Dreading references to Kanye's bad behavior. He needs no more attention. Happy September 12th to everyone.

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