Monday, September 13, 2010

US Open--Finally, The Men's Final

My stomach is in knots over the men's final of the US Open. Nadal has to win over Djokovich. He is more skilled, works harder in his weak areas, doesn't bitch&moan, is more professional and he's Spanish. The Spaniards have won all year. Nadal has never won the US Open. It's his time.

I turned off the VMAs after Justin Bieber's performance, which was slick but horrifically lip-synched. Don't singers sing anymore? Glad that Gaga won an award. It amazes me how strong the tide is against Chelsea Handler--or any award show host, for that matter. If you host, you're destined to be slaughtered in the press.

Rumors abound again that Penelope Cruz has a sopapilla in the oven. From pictures, she does look as big as a house but maybe she's just fat. My gay boyfriends are all in heat over Bardem and maintain that any pregnancy between them did not happen the old-fashioned way.


J.J. said...

Stop your gay bashing. it's not possible for your friends to be in heat over Javier, as it's not possible for him to be the father of Penelope's brat. BackUpOutTheWay Javier is mine!

Anonymous said...

So who is the dad, Dish? Or JJ?