Friday, September 03, 2010

Dish Said Yes to the Dress!

My search for the perfect wedding dress is over. It only took three stores and two hours of fitting and measuring. We never had the moment where Dishmama looked at me and cried. I didn't get misty because shopping is not an activity that ever makes me cry unless I have low blood sugar. But it was fun to try on huge marshmallow gowns and pose in front of so many mirrors. I put on one unlikely yet gorgeous gown and it *felt* right, like MY dress. Perhaps, Dish subconsciously chose her dress because of two great dresses in film. I would list them down but little Mr. Nosy-Groom might snoop.

Back to celeb news: Jesse James + Kat Von D = a lot of ink. JJ's affair with Bombshell McGee points toward his having a type. Why did he marry Sandra Bullock in the first place? Obviously, he had a rash of good taste and good luck (rash is a fine word). Didn't he intend to wait for SB? Is his new love aware of what she's getting? People have needs, I guess--especially if they have tattoos. SB is probably thinking: Ugh, thank Gawwwwwd. But kinda sick that he moved to her hometown. In interviews they will claim that they want the best for each other and they've worked on healing from all the pain.

By the way, does anyone know if there's an instrumental version of Duran Duran's "Rio"--say one that would be good for Dish walking down the aisle?

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J.J. said...

Dish Should Strut Down The Isle To "Hungry Like The Wolf"