Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Scary Saintly Angelina

I keep thinking: What big thing is about to blow in celebrity-land? It's been the same story: Lindsay, Mel, drugs, cheating, housewife, drugs, cheating, divorce, baby bump, charity drive. My No-DSL vacation might be for the best. I've been immersed in Andrew Morton's biography on Angelina Jolie, which makes me see how screwed up her whole family is. I mean, REALLY screwed up, beyond what I could imagine for her. With each page, I grow more tired, sad over her life and wondering what will happen next. As expected, she's super-complex and it's hard to envision all the phases she's survived. For me, she's too big to watch on screen anymore and I can't see her as a character. Nor do the people in her life seem much more than props. She's left behind lots of buried bodies. To wrap my mind around the whole history, I have to see her as a humanitarian in the end, for all the traveling and charity work she does, which is impressive.

Angelina is definitely both a destructive and creative force. And when you talk destructive, I mean, super-destructive, as in someone must have been watching over her. And creative for being able to change so powerfully. I enjoy her earlier work the most: Gia and The Bone Collector. Hope she continues to pursue charity with a passion, but I'm glad I never crossed paths with her in high school as she would have stepped on me...and I'm so much older than she is.


J.J. said...

When was my Angelina ever destructive?? Please Explain..

Dish Upon a Star said...

Destructive: Beaucoup de drugs, beaucoup de boyfriend/husband stealing (not that the men are exactly innocent), lots of walking out without explanation, cutting herself, and eating disorder.

You'd think she'd be at death's door with all the pain she inflicted on herself, but NO, she's globe-trotting and looking more luminous than ever.

Anonymous said...

You are so so vainly Jealous that's all . She's Beautiful and amazing and has it all : )

Dish said...

I'm envious of her balls of steel, definitely, Anonymous.