Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Potpourri

Filmmaker Claude Chabrol has passed away. I loved Claude because he brought some great divas together in movies, such as La Cérémonie with Jacqueline Bisset and Isabelle Huppert. Une Affaire de Femmes is also quite powerful. Dish was in Paris when that one came out and my teacher at the time said I looked like Huppert. I wish!!! Blessings on Chabrol's coming and going.

So, we all yawned collectively over Joachin Phoenix's I'm Still Here appearing in theaters. A brilliant actor, he decided to become weird and try to develop buzz but the viewing public was onto him ages ago.

With too many episodes of Snapped and Criminal Minds giving us nightmares, TG and I turned to Hellcats on the CW. Okay, the real reason is that Gale Harold is supposed to make an appearance as a professor (tee hee). TG asked who "Gale Howard" was again: my former imaginary boyfriend before I had to break up with him for Jon Hamm. Sadly, Jon and I didn't have any imaginary chemistry so I went back to Gale. Gale didn't appear on Episode 1 but, lo and behold, Gail O'Grady did! She is my Lifetime goddess, except it's obvious she had major amounts of face work done, which broke my heart. Hellcats is a delight and I recommend it as fun fluff. Ashley Tisdale also stars.

Now onto the VMAs where the average IQ drops to about 50.


Anonymous said...

FYI, Gale appears in episode 3. :)

Dish Upon a Star said...

Thank you! Cannot wait to see his debut.