Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Ides of September

Oh hell. Just as I'm writing this, I realize I'm missing Hellcats. TG and I decided to be cultivated and watch Changing Times (2004) starring a less portly Gerard Depardieu and wide-jawed Catherine Deneuve. After an hour, we realized it was a piece of crap with some good craftsmanship. Vomiting, diarrhea, effed up love affair and, surely, by the end someone will die in the middle of a wasteland. Vive la France! We nixed it.

So, lots of buzz about Ashton Kutcher's potential cheating, which might be the only thing he doesn't do on Twitter. Dish stopped following him and life got much easier. J.Lo will be on American Idol, thank God because we were worried no one would be supporting Max and Emme since the Cryptkeeper Marc Anthony ain't doing much except being creepy arm candy. Then I read Diane Lane and Bon Jovi used to be an item, which makes sense since they were both equally gorgeous twenty-some years ago (well, still it's a draw). JJ went to high school with Bon and said he was a huge geek. Well, both of them turned out cute so who cares?


Anonymous said...

..this gives a whole lot of heartfelt meaning to each and every song <3 They looked amazing together and still look amazing !!!!

Dish said...

So agree. They are God's gift to Gorgeousness.