Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Remember how Stephanie Seymour and her OMP were battling it out in court? Never mind! They decided she still wanted his bazillions and he still cherished her gazongas--I mean, they're still gaga in love! 20$ says more drama is in store. I'm bleeding from the eyes.

I've loathed The Situation for almost a year now but after last night's Dancing With the Stars, I can see his charm (miles beyond the Hasselhoff Freak Machine who was beyond creepy!). TS dances like a scarecrow but he looked as if he were having a blast. Jennifer Grey's dance flowed nicely and I might have shed a tear over the Swayze nostalgia. It's a little predictable, though, and I won't watch another episode.

Glee: love the new female football coach (played by Dot Jones)! Epic Sue. The new blond boy evokes Randy Harris in Queer As Folk. The common viewer would say Bieber, but I say Justin!

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