Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Celebrities Are Making It Very Hard For...

...normal people to take pharmaceuticals. Comedian Greg Giraldo accidentally overdosed this past weekend and passed away. What's more, he did it fairly close to DishHome. One never knows what's happening in the next room. So sad--young person, so much potential, tragedy. Blessings on his coming and going.

Dish spent most of the day looking at a screen. Maybe I took a slight detour to watch Anaconda, where Jon Voight makes us bleed from the ears with some kind of accent (Paraguay? It comes and goes, as do most non-Native accents in movies) and lots of scenery chewing. He's so bad, TG and I couldn't look away. Luckily, our J.Lo survives but not before being pursued by every kind of snake (hmmmmm). All the remotely ethnic characters avoid the fatal snake hug: J.Lo (Puerto Rican), Ice Cube (African American) and Eric Stoltz (the rare male gingy moviestar). All is neatly tied up, though TG and I were heartbroken that Owen Wilson got sucked into the neverending esophagus of Anaconda!

26 minutes into Hellcats. Go Ashley Tisdale!


DBSK said...

Did Dish know that Anaconda was shot in the Peruvian rain forest? J-Lo wasn't big back then so most people in the country didn't much care at the time. Quite the opposite to what happened when Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger (still married at the time) secretly came to Peru to visit Machu Picchu.

Dish Upon a Star said...

I wish Alec and Kim were still together. They were a fiery hot couple!