Friday, September 10, 2010

Farenheit in Florida

Here's something to burn: the clothes worn on the Jersey Shore. So glad it's after Labor Day since skanky beachwear and fake boobs can be boxed and covered. I'll get this out of my system: At lunch, my dining partner and I discussed how uninteresting Lindsay Lohan is. Didn't have much of a career before she became a public screwup. Child actors should be replaced by robots. You get about the same amount of talent.

Happier news: Peter Krause and Lauren Graham seem to be a couple. It's a trade-up from Matthew Perry who has lost his chin and his career (though I have hope). Lastly, the world mourns as Amanda Bynes, star of the iconic What a Girl Wants, has deleted her Twitter account.

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DBSK said...

Peter Kraus is yummy! He's matured quite well since his days in Cybill.