Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Week of Television

Thanks, JJ, for the tip to watch Mike & Molly, a refreshing and romantic sitcom starring plus-sized actors (Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy)with hot chemistry. We're not talking Roseanne and John Goodman. These two have actual sexual chemistry and imagining them in bed together is not so terrifying the way it is with two skeletons squeaking and breaking bones in a king sized bed, which you see every day on TV. I found myself aching for Mike & Molly to get together even more than I would Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Angelina Jolie. Let's reject the skeletors on television! Who can't identify with overeating? Dish grew up a ball of lard until magic weight loss at 22 [no dining hall].

Today's interview with new AI judges J.Lo and Steven Tyler: I expected more sparkle. No one seems willing to be an a-hole. Simon is rolling in his money grave. Highlight: Steven said he fell in love with J.LO while watching The Back-Up Plan. That's like saying you enjoyed John Travolta in "The Bubble Boy." [aside: remember circa 1977-8 when there were rumors Travolta was hooking up with Lily Tomlin?] J.Lo looked like she was wearing a big ol wig.

Do you believe the rumors about Ashton cheating on Demi? People are acting as if this is a shocking story. What I find more upsetting is Jennifer Hudson's weight loss from Weight Watchers. She was already gorgeous!

Rumor has it Mel Gibson is in talks to appear on Mad Men. I hate him, think he's bananas, but this is brilliant casting.


Anonymous said...

Mel who?

Dish Upon a Star said...


J.J. said...

Mel Gibson Is An Ass! Now Being An Ass Doesn't Take Away His Talent But It Should Take Away His Opportunity To Work; He Has Poisoned Our Lives Enough!

DBSK said...

I loved Melissa McCarthy in Gilmore Girls (the other GG)

dishBrother said...

I agree. Mel is an ass. He used to be an amazing actor. Then he did "What Women Want." And then he went nuts.