Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me and TG!

A year ago today, a feisty Dish saw TG's Facebook update ("It's all depressing...") and "Liked" it. Every other TGFriend asked, "Aw, what's wrong?" or "Are you okay?" Dish enjoyed TG's public misery, thus proving worthy of his love. It's been an exciting year with a lot of laughter (and a fabulous ring!).

By contrast, the rumor mill says the end is imminent in the Annette Bening/Warren Beatty marriage. Their daughter wants to become a man. Annette is trying to be supportive and Warren can't deal. Poor daughter, who must feel like an imposter and if they split, she'll think it's all her fault. Unloving fathers can leave a nasty scar but maybe the daughter will be happy in the end. As for Annette, she should ditch the crotchetty coot and go for someone hotter and younger. All of Hollywood is doing it. (I realize I know nothing about these people)

Omarosa and Michael Clarke Duncan are allegedly dating. I find her irritating but wish her the best. Cute couple and it gets them back in the news. Don't think either was doing much lately.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Is TG hot like Annette or non-hot like Warren?

Dish Upon a Star said...

Definitely hot like Annette.