Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hello, Kathy!

I've finally got around to reading fellow Gingy Kathy Griffin's Official Book Club Selection and it's FANTASTIC! It's not as dishy as you might think but just enough. You learn Steve Martin is a dick, so is Leif Garrett and Andre Agassi. Al Sharpton is amazing and so are Jeanine Garofalo, Margaret Cho and Brooke Shields (though you kinda already knew this). At the same time, the story is heartfelt. You see her as a vulnerable, interesting person and not just a joke machine with the voice.

In movie viewing, Dish had the misfortune of watching Who Is Clark Rockefeller? starring Eric McCormick and The Chickipoo from ER with the monotone voice. Talk about a suck-fest! I enjoy Eric on Will & Grace and I even believed he was a tormented bachelor in that Lifetime movie with Roma Downey. But he was truly unbelievable in this, very much an acty caricature. Not even worth a rent. But you know, every actor does stinky projects. Even Michael Caine.

For tomorrow, I have The Ghostwriter. Must forgive Pierce Brosnan for his crappy singing in Mamma Mia, especially since he was great in The Thomas Crown Affair.


DM said...

And how is the family, Dish?

J.J. said...

STOP!!!! Kathy Griffin isn't even on the "D" list, it's more like the "R" list. She is a loud mouth social climbing bitch without a single humorous hair on her body! Heartfelt? She has no heart!!!