Friday, September 17, 2010

Star Sighting--Twilight's Peter Facinelli

23rd/7th Ave, 5:02pm: Dish was in full business-suit regalia, salivating over the possibility of a latte when lo Peter Facinelli whizzed by. He looks about 25 years old, very cute in a college-boy sort of way. No eye contact made even with Dish boring a hole through him. Hard to believe he's father to three kids, though no problem visualizing him with her royal 90210 highness gorgeous Jenny Garth.

The Lord giveth and He taketh away: Lindsay failed a drug test, but then she's scheduled not to make us laugh on SNL this December. Can't they just have Jane Lynch host for the entire fall?

Shock through the heart: Because we don't care enough to buy her projects, Nadya Suleman is going on welfare. Better yet would be to let these children grow up in a loving home where they're not part of a factory. TG and I could easily take one, though it better not touch any of our beer.

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