Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Britney Episode?

Watching Glee, I'm heartened by how nostalgia can brush away mediocrity. Britney affects us beyond the music. It has to be beyond the music. TG likes the song "Womanizer," only he sings "Moisturizer." He loves how a hit is made by repeating the same word. I for one like "Oops, I Did It Again" because that's when I first got into Britney and her skin-tight red suit. Plus, in the video, she's a b*tch, a nice foil to Dish. Britney is here to stay. Um, is there going to be a Duran Duran episode?

Olio: Dish got her annual mammogram and looked so good in the dark pink robe it almost left in her purse. Elijah Wood just split from his long-time girlfriend after five years (we know what that means). George Lopez and his wife are divorcing after 17 years--even after she gave him a kidney. Lastly, another Gordon Ramsey chef committed suicide and condolences to his family. For some people, it's the worst of times.

The Nora Walker Show (Brothers & Sisters) definitely jumped the shark. The offspring are doing nothing great, Sally isn't banging anyone and the vibe isn't there. At least Gilles Marini did what he does best: modeled in his underwear. I love how the transition to this job--from artist to underwear model--was non-existent. Yeah, Sunday's show made no sense.


susan said...

Wow, one of the quirkiest remarks I've read in a long time! (I've never even noticed the color of the robe they make you wear during mammograms, much less considered whether it's flattering.) Can't believe my luck: I'll be related to the very odd Dish soon.

Dish Upon a Star said...

Can't wait to be related to you! Btw, are you watching The Event? It's the new "Lost."

susan said...

Geesh. There is so much TV to watch that I can't keep up with it all! I need to catch up over the weekend. e.g., missed Glee! Not yet watching The Event.