Tuesday, October 23, 2012

And I Love YOU, Honeypants!

Didn't O kick butt last night? He needed to and the bayonet comment slayed--though of course, now the bayonet association is pissed. Romney just kept repeating what O said and stuttering. I would be a basket case in a debate so I give plenty of kudos to anyone who survives the process. Still, as much as I quibble about our choosing O over Hillary, I feel more secure with Obama as Prez. Though Romney doesn't scare me as much as Bush/Cheney did. Of course, Bob Schieffer is heralded as the best moderator ever, though my fave was Martha Raddatz.

Yesterday's post was a little diet obsessive. Well, fair readers, I was punished for my food absorption and my bad temper. After my snapping about who would get dinner, TG procured a rotisserie chicken, which poisoned us. Since 3am, we have been misery itself. It's the real part of any relationship.

J. Lo had a nip slip during a concert. I did too. Just now. I would tweet it but I'm not a loser. Seriously, you gotta paste those puppies in. No excuse, even if you're dancing. Swimsuit malfunction in the pool, okay. Especially if it falls off as your father-in-law comes over to say Hi. It's not a crime, but it is embarrassing.

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