Friday, October 12, 2012

The Debate

Last night's debate was far more fun than the snoozefest between Mitt and O. For one, Biden's scary chompers made for a delicious Satanic grin. Paul Ryan's faux-hawk cracked me up, too. Hello, man hair of five years ago. I want to root for the dude my age, but PL seems a little off to me. Biden's been around the block five hundred times and I'd trust him and his eye lift and hair plugs way more than most.

Next Tuesday is another debate. It will be a trifecta of excitement: John Taylor book signing/therapy to cope with the JT signing, especially colossal feeling of failure if I don't get in/presidential debate. So much happening at once.

Celebrity news is nauseating so I'll pass. TG and I are scaring the sh*t out of ourselves with A Haunting. It's a new episode. Wonder when I'll sneak in the next episode of Couples Therapy, which is my deepest shame...

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