Sunday, October 07, 2012

I Snorted the Ravages of Time and Still Came Out in the Top 1% of Gorgeous

I'm sad that Jennie Garth is publicizing her miraculous 30-pound weight loss on the cover of People. She looked great with a little divorce cushion. Now she's just another skinny minnie. What's wrong with these women? I flipped through the mag, hoping for literary aloe for my fragile psyche. No, wait that Lark Saved by the Bell chick has Bipolar (who doesn't) and her remarkable journey. Flip a little more, ah, eureka, p. 95 reveals an exquisite human in the form of John Taylor, my first Duran-love, and his new life/love/book, which Dish pre-ordered the second it was announced. Can't wait to read it. Can't wait for his NYC signing. I hope I actually get in. Did he get Botox?

Dish took a day hiatus to be domestic. I'm ironing TG's shirts and running errands, folding laundry and whipping up exotic dinners for my man. Ha! Well, I am ironing shirts, which I love to do. Last night we attended a wedding reception. I felt right at home with the table of cupcakes. TG found two potential long-lost relatives and one new lifelong friend. I love that I married a socially adept person. I'm the girl who hovers on the periphery and waits for someone to approach. TG catches people's eyes and starts up conversations, works the room as if he lives there. He's so poopular!

This weekend's obsessions:

Just started reading the It-book of the year (aside from that other one) Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Nicely done so far. And then I ventured into the documentary 51 Birch Street, by filmmaker Doug Block, about his parents' marriage. My goodness. I was expecting a sappy family montage but he delves into his parents' fifty-year marriage and its shocking secrets. I was moved to tears by the end. All families have their secrets. I'm the type who wants to know all of them--I don't care how bad.

Congratulations to Audra McDonald and Will Swenson on their marriage. I just IMDB-ed them and discovered both these f*ckers are younger than I am!!! Oh the inhumanity!!!

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