Sunday, October 14, 2012

TG Star Sighting--Ty Burrell!!!

12:45pm, 19th street in Chelsea area. We got week passes to Equinox. Dish is terrified to go outside her NYSC domain, though loves the idea of a delicious on-site smoothie after long run. I've heard Equinox is awesome but don't want to spend an extra 100$ more on exercise. So, TG gleefully took the pass and went over to the one on 10th Avenue. On his route, I get a phone call from TG, obviously shaken but in a good way.

"I think I saw the guy from Modern Family. The one with the two daughters and dorky son," he says.

"Ty Burrell!"

"He looked young. He nodded at me."

Dish furiously searches IMDB for age specifics. He's around my age. "How young did he look? Around 45?"

"Yeah. Maybe. It probably was him. You have to be rich to live in one of these townhouses."

"So, he smiled at you?"

"No, he just nodded. Maybe it wasn't him. I think it was, though. He probably didn't want to encourage me by smiling."

"We'll look at a picture when you get home so you can confirm the sighting."

Isn't that an exciting conversation? But maybe it wasn't even Ty Burrell. This is such a Ty Burrell thing to say, isn't it? Tee hee.

Today's big news is that Russell Crowe and his wife Danielle split after nine years. Do you remember where you were when news broke of his fling with Meg Ryan? Then he returned to his ex-girlfriend and married her. Then he threw a phone.

What am I saying? The biggest news today is THE FREAKING SPACE JUMP! Hurray for Felix Baumgartner, who shows us that doing something interesting is way cooler than sitting around and getting filmed eating burritos and starting bitchy fights with competitive friends/siblings.

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