Thursday, October 11, 2012

Will I Get John Taylor's Autograph...

...if I stubbornly arrive half an hour before his reading on 10/16 at Barnes & Nobles? I *love* Duran Duran. I love John Taylor. I want to read his book and for me it's a write-off. But I refuse to wait 10 hours for a sh*tty place in line because I'm 44!!! Dish needs her beauty sleep and has been uncomfortable enough in her life. Judging from all the chatter on DD fan boards, I'm pretty well screwed for even getting a place in line for his reading. If only I could have flaunted my work in publishing but I haven't got time for the pain. Help!
My health this week hasn't been optimum, possibly because I'm so nervous about tonight's debate. Or I've had two mac and cheese nights in a row and bagels and mashed potatoes. Did I mention the chocolate gorging? Maybe too much self-reward for running 6 miles on Monday...

MacKenzie Phillips was one scary bitch on last night's Criminal Minds. She was my favorite on One Day at a Time--though I love my Valerie Bertinelli (thin or fat), too. Ever since she aired all her dirty laundry, I wondered when Mac-Phil would get back to acting, like in those fun cameo roles. Now here she is! I hope she keeps at it. She's an awesome villain.

Big Bird is so pissed at Mitt Romney! Watch here.

Today's King of Style and Substance: Jack White

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