Monday, October 08, 2012

Lady Gag Yakks This Way

WTF is wrong with these performers? Yesterday, Lady GaGa puked several times on stage during a concert. This is not cool. If you're sick, get off the f*cking stage. It's okay if you suddenly sh*t your pants on stage because we likely won't see it and be scarred by the image. Plus, an emergency fecal evacuation can occur without warning especially if you eat kale, which is Drano disguised as a cute plant. It would be refreshing to see, say, Bono sh*t on stage, don't you think? I guess I'm just puke-intolerant. I will never pay money to see Lady Gag or Justin Barfer. I don't buy the flu and mixing spaghetti/milk excuse BS either. These days, though, everything's okay, right? Not holding the door open for people, puking on stage, loud cell talking in quiet area, it's all good.

What cooled my quiet WASP rage was catching up on 666 Park Avenue. Dish loves to curl up with a good story about the devil. Who better to play Lucipoo but the creepy cueball from Lost. I forget his name. Dishfriendsincediapers gave me advance warning that on last night's episode her friendsincecollege actor Michael Lewis--and fellow redhead--would get murdered on the show. Dish has met Michael twice, so of course, he's my dear celebrity friend. He was fantastic as the greasy exterminator. But why would Cueball kill him since we know redheads already have no soul? Wouldn't he be a perfect minion for Satan? Plus, ML is one of the few on the show who really acted and commanded the screen without all the bells and whistles. Puzzling indeed.

The Dev is totally working overtime by splitting up Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman who have been a couple fixture for decades and decades. Who's next, Tom and Rita? No, I shouldn't have said that. Please no. I couldn't take that.

So, in the mystery of Madame X's disappearance, well, it's now a cold case. I've let it go.


Anonymous said...

Michael Lewis is my honey and so we'd love to know who this college friend of his is. And yes, he's one of the best actors around and if there is any justice, this episode will help spread the word.

Dish said...

Well, tell him he was awesome! They should have him come back as a ghost or a zombie. The college friend--I think they knew each other when *she* was in college--is Rachel.