Thursday, October 25, 2012

Genius Is Gooder than Greed

I always thought the Wachowski siblings were special geniuses because of The Matrix franchise and now I feel this doubly from watching this intriguing speech by Lana Wachowski. She makes me want to read a book and be smarter! Plus, this hair is something I have to have for myself. Will this get to me to see Cloud Atlas? I haven't trusted a Tom Hanks in a while...

Why Colbert is brilliant.

Today was a remarkable day for Duran Duran's John Taylor. Not only has he made the NYT list but he has also screwed with the cops and was caught by TMZ!!! We are so proud of you, Nigel John!!!

Sorry for the shortie. Dish is totally absorbed by Sons of Anarchy. It's a sickness called Katey Sagal!!!


John Haracopos said...

I've been catching up on SOA - I'm in the 3rd episode of season 4 and I'm just starting not to care anymore!!
Katie Sagal Is A GODDESS!!!!

Dish said...

Agree, so far Season 4 is very slow.