Thursday, October 18, 2012

Looking Toward the Light

Can't even post a picture, time is of the essence. It's one of those periods where I'm so busy, I'M NOT EVEN CHECKING TMZ as much as usual. I have no idea what TG is up to or what he's saying, which makes me feel bad. Sorry, honey. It's nose-grind time for another few weeks. I did take time out to talk to an impressive woman in her 20s recently. Do you remeber what it was like to listen to someone older go on and on and on, then you think, maybe this person's insane and unraveling. Yah, the older person was me today. Bonkers. I felt bad for the girl who eye-twitched over my nonsensical chatter.

Gossips: Britney's former manager alleges she lost her marbles over meth and that's why she shaved her head. Does it matter anymore?

John Taylor over-caked but enjoyable in an interview. I cannot wait to read his book! Gotta climb out of the dark hole, be a better wife, and finish Gone Girl first.

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