Friday, October 26, 2012

Sandy, Can't You See...?

Who is this stormy wench blistering her rage toward our precious coast JK, Dish loves frightening weather!? Is she just PMSing or really angry at how we treat our planet? You know with such a bad storm, she has to be at the worst part of her cycle. Maybe it's her scary Halloween present? I like to think Sandy is a delicious cookie. Any way you slice it, let's just rush to Duane Reade in a panic to get those D batteries and bottles of water. Let's watch the weather channel endlessly--you already are. Just in case of rising tides, I've been training to swim up to 94th street where I will temporarily live with Dishbrother and Dishbrothersidekick. They won't mind. If that's not drastic enough, I will run to a mountain, just like The Hobbit and Tweennerd did in Deep Impact.

It's all about Sandy and the Presidential race now -- a storm to represent the tumult in our land. We only have 2 months until the Mayans kill us off. I'm soaking up the life, especially that full circle feeling with politics offering the opportunity for old white men to talk about rape as if they know so much. Fresh from my own experience with this nightmare, Anita Hill and William Kennedy Smith were on trial. One had many white men treating her like dumb little girl for coming forward--which happens far too often, especially in cases of date rape and marital rape. The other case was part of the big family machine, therefore the rape never happened. Now, twenty-two years later, rape has become such a hot topic, which I find weird, especially since it's only mentioned in relation to abortion. It's one of those crimes that doesn't get the razzle dazzle treatment of a gunshot wound, though the emotional scars from rape last forever. I'm not outraged or sad that these dumb guys are saying such offensive things. It's just so obvious how sick they are. We can't burn them at the stake. The best thing is to ostracize them and not elect them. My other Dishfeeling is that when a politician talks about rape with such assurance (as in the body shuts down a pregnancy from legitimate rape), he has experience with violence -- who knows how -- and has somehow made it okay in his mind. That's a truly sad person.

With all the rape, economy, stuff, who's thinking about Jessica Simpson's father's divorce and the gay rumors? Well, probably no one.

The most important part about today is that it's Hillary Clinton's birthday. I hope she had a great day, that someone brought her a cake and gave her hugs. It's a loaded three days as three of my favorite celebs have birthdays through Sunday. Hand me a lampshade.

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