Sunday, October 28, 2012

Liev Schreiber Is So Happy (and sniffly) at the Rubin

It's hard to get me out because I'm an agoraphobe on a Sunday but I perked up at the idea of Liev Schreiber, who never struck me as particularly jolly, giving a talk on happiness with CUNY prof Dr. Jesse Prinz only one block away at the Rubin Museum. I anticipated four scenarios:

1. Discussion of happiness in his work, a Liev love-fest
2. Philosophical or buddhist concept of happiness, which would be okay but a little over Dish's head.
3. The self-help model of happiness in 5 sexy steps, as in yayayayyay!!!
4. Narcissistic freeforall.

I planned carefully for five minutes what to wear. I didn't want to look like a hot groupie and, as we know, my gorgeousness would take away too much focus. So I went in jeans t-shirt and no makeup.

Someone began by asking who in the audience was happy and I raised my hand along with a few, not many. I had no problem raising my hand. Over the years, I've lost the expectation of happiness and stopped pursuing it to excess. Morbid topics tend to find me and I'm prone to mild depression. I enjoy tragic stories more than happy ones. I've had some bad years. I've cheated death. Yet, with all this, when happiness presents itself, it's gravy to a life I'm fairly glad to have. TG makes me laugh every day and I feel as if I belong with someone and that his life is as important as mine. So yeah, I'm happy and that's okay. I can still get a charge out of Snapped and Anna Karenina.

The talk was mostly Dr. Prinz elucidating matters pertaining to happiness and I could see him being the engaged hipster professor, his students and colleagues enjoying him. Liev seemed less plugged in, but more prone to discuss his own battle to deal with non-happy states, which is cool. Wasn't that what we were there for? They didn't touch too much upon Liev's impressive work. Perhaps the big thing I learned was that his joy comes from when he's in front of an audience. And he meditates and tugs at his beard constantly.

No mention of Naomi. I looked around to see if she was there. That would be a sighting indeed. He is one lucky bastard...and a fabulous actor.

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