Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October Surprise Party!!!

These surprises can only be good for the Democrats. It makes me tired to write them all out so I'll just link to them! The first shows Mitt in an unflattering light when it comes to his support of women, especially sick women on the verge of divorce. The second is  Donald Trump's October surprise. I sort of feel that this is his initiation into the KKK via ransom note. Mr. Trump, we don't negotiate with terrorists. Oh, and in case you're interested: I flunked economics at Oberlin College! How's that for a transcript?

I love it when the stars sue the tabs though I'm a bit tabby. This time Tom Cruise is suing Life & Style for 50 million for printing that he abandoned his daughter. Team Tom!!! Suri is so cute and fashionable. Plus, don't you think the world would turn anti-Tom if he cut ties with the bambina? He's never going to do that. I'll admit, the photos of Tom spoiling Suri rotten make me happy. Why can't he be my daddy? Oh yeah...biologically not possible and psychologically twisted.

Today, I'm shedding tears for Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez who allegedly was discarded by Eva Langoria. How did he lose her? With a mug like his, I don't see how he'll ever find love again. Plus, he's a wallflower with no money or prospects for greatness. What chance did he ever have to sip the nectar of Cupid's sweet amore? Will this affect his throwing arm? There go the waterworks again.

In more celebrity splits, Jessica Simpson's mom and dad are divorcing and there are gay rumors floating about the father. All I remember is Papa Joe discussing Jessica's virginity and how she gave her husband--then, Nick Lachey--her precious gift and I thought, ew.

Bobby Brown bust for DUI again. It's his prerogative.

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