Monday, October 22, 2012

Dr. Northrup and the Universe Keeping Me from Cake?

Dr. Christiane Northrup, one of my faves, recommends giving up gluten, sugar and alcohol for hormonal balance so Dish decided to crash diet--without telling anyone. I went one day avoiding the above (except for Altoids) and felt great. Then, when TG took me to a party full of stylish old people, I decided to make an exception and gorge. Because old people love their comforts and booze, the spread was incredible. Old peopleDish is starting to ramble love to talk, and I can't help but get into the stories. As the hours ticked by, I realized my hands were empty. The party was ending. Did I have a chance to eat? Not even a little. No chocolate cake, Godiva, prosciutto roll-ups, creme brulee or chocolate mousse. It's just so f*cked that these 80-year-olds kept me from the food table, like they wanted all the leftovers for themselves.

It's well known that I will mow down colleagues and friends to get to the cake in the communal kitchen. Today, there were cookies and it was as if I'd never heard of Dr. Northrup. Screw no gluten/sugar. Julia Child would scoff at this so I ran down the hall and got one of the last cookies...and then it fell out of my hands and broke into a thousand pieces. Message received.

There's all this talk of October surprises. First Gloria Allred (I'll admit, I love her), then Donald Trump have alluded to a campaign shaker. The Donald Trump one is intriguing. He is a sad, sad person. Does he realize what a loser he is, in the grand scheme of things? Like a cartoon character--no character beyond the slime. It's easy to ignore him. I stop watching his show. So now when he pops up again, I feel like I have a zit.

I love it when poetry backfires for the stars, which is usually all the time, especially in movies. It's like asking Tom Cruise to do Shakespeare. The Brad Pitt Chanel ad is brilliant in its ridiculousness. It has nothing to do with perfume and, somehow, now I want to buy Chanel #5 again. I used to wear it when I was in high school (about 10 years too soon).

Debate time!!!


Anonymous said...

So that is one priceless description: Donald Trump as zit!

Dish said...

Gotta pop it!