Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sandy Is Getting Her Own Reality Show!

The biggest celeb right now is Sandy, that PMSing brain child of Mother Nature. Gotta love her for striking during the work week, which could impede my commute, goshdurnnit Yipee skippee!!!.  I'm just thankful this storm is blanketing the election nonsense. TG and I have slacked as far as preparing for the destruction and mayhem. I figure I'll go buy a box of Snickers, some baby wipes (? Brad Pitt says they're awesome), and D batteries, even though I don't have anything that takes them.

So, the rape talk continues and my new favorite person, Melissa Harris-Perry, just did this open letter to stale-GOP-gaffers. Thank you, Melissa, for articulating so beautifully what I've always thought to be true: that survivors of rape are the gift.

I've tried to ignore the signs that Rihanna and Chris Brown are together, that they might attend the VMAs together. I just watch this video and think she dodged a bullet back then. But now, she's in his crosshairs again. That can't be good. I give up on Rihanna and will focus on the genius of Eminem. Today, I had a panic attack for no reason while waiting for the elevator. I felt silly for it. Why then? So, then I queued up my favorite things and here's one of them. Here's another.

And lastly, I have to thank Dishbrothersidekick for telling me that there's a new Good Witch movie tonight, The Good Witch's Charm. I can't get enough of that witchy Catherine Bell. Sadly, TG is watching a documentary on bin Laden. SEXY!

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Anonymous said...

So funny--I've been imaging Sandy as an ordinary guy on a Rambo rampage.