Saturday, October 13, 2012

Not Going to JT's Book Signing?

Say it ain't so, Dish! I fear the idea of long lines and no autograph, the hours of waiting have influenced my decision to absent myself from John Taylor's In the Pleasure Groove book signing on Tuesday 10/16 at B&N. It's excruciatingly appropriate my name is Patience. Plus, I'm metaphorically getting screwed up the ass with twenty dry dildos* in a different life sector. I must stay alert, like Jason Bourne. If I had a VIP pass, I'd be at JT's signing in a nanosecond, but no, 30 years of adoration later, I'm still waiting in lines.

It's time for me to be a diva.

*Sorry, Mom and Aunties.

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Anonymous said...

So elegantly stated.