Monday, August 09, 2010

Big Dames -- Triumphs and Tragedies

Patricia Neal died yesterday of lunch cancer. I'd seen her great movies but had no idea that she'd led such a tabloid life--an affair with Gary Cooper, married to Roald Dahl until he ran off with her best friend? Stroke at 39 while pregnant? Heavens! Some people get more than their share. Legendary actress, the likes of which we don't see so much anymore.

In more sordid news: Gloria Allred wrote an open letter to Whoopi Goldberg who is outspoken in her support of crazy ranting Mel. Opposing sides, big women disputing over a raging jerk. I'm more on Allred's side in the sense that victims don't always run to the police the second they're abused--for many reasons. Whoopi was not living with Mel during his relationship so it's pretty insulting to victims. If I'd been smacked around by Mel, I'd go straight for his pockets, too, after conjuring fantasies of an elaborate homicide.

And if we couldn't get more evidence of Naomi Campbell's treachery, she allegedly lied in court about some diamonds and I love that Mia Farrow is testifying that she's a liar.

Now, back to reading Andrew Morton's unauthorized bio on Angelina Jolie. It's fabulous. While I'm not an Angelina fan, I understand now a bit more about her compulsions. I know never ever to let TG star in a movie with her.


Anonymous said...

We thought you were reading Proust. What happened?

Dish Upon a Star said...

Still reading. Proust's work is LONG!